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What is Kangen Water®?

Kangen means “return to origin” in Japanese. Kangen Water® is alkaline water produced by Enagic’s alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines. For more than 40 years, Kangen Water® has been used in Japan to help restore the body to its original, alkaline state. These machines can transform your ordinary tap water into healthy, fresh tasting alkaline drinking water. Kangen Water® is superior to tap and purified water.Kangen Water® has a negative oxidation-reduction potential or ORP.

Would you like to know more about Kangen water ?

The properties of Kangen Water®

Would you like to know more about Kangen water ?

The advantages of Kangen Water®

Find out how you can use the different water types produced by the Kangen Water machine in your household, saving you money on cleaning products and relieving the environment!



Strong Kangen Water® 

 pH 11.5

Not for drinking. Strong Kangen Water preserves hygiene in your daily life due to its strong cleaning effect. It has dissolving and heat conducting benefits.


  • food preparation – Remove rawness from vegetables such as green onions, bamboo, wasabi and flowering them with Strong Kangen Water®.
  • cleaning -Clean cutting boards and dishcloths. Good for cleaning oil and tough grime from vents, as well as for general cleaning in the kitchen
  • stain removal -The extra strength, absorption power, will remove coffee, soy sauce, and oil stains with ease. Also great for getting out stubborn toilet bowl stains.
  • dishes – Use less detergent when washing your dishes. Save extra on water bills.

Kangen Water®

 pH 8.5-9.5

This type of water is perfect for drinking and healthy cooking. This electrolytically-reduced, hydrogen-rich water works to restore your body to a more alkaline state, giving you more energy which is optimal for good health.


  • drinking – Drink Kangen Water® throughout the day. Kangen Water® has no unpleasant odor, tastes lighter, and has a pleasantly sweet flavor.
  • food preparation – Clean all your food to remove pesticides, other chemicals and get a much better test
  • coffee and tea – Amazing test of your coffee and tea
  • watering plants – Kangen Water® may give freshness and life to plants. The water stimulates germination and improves seedling development.

Kangen Water® is also friendly to your budget and to the Environment. Forget about buying and storing all those expensive plastic water bottles!

Clean Water

pH 7.00

Free of chlorine, rust and cloudiness. Neutral water is delicious drinking water.


  • preparing baby food
  • taking medication.

Beauty Water

 pH 4.0-6.0

Not for drinking. This slightly acidic water is recognized for its astringent effects. It’s terrific to use for gentle cleaning and beauty care. Usage: face wash, hair care, pet care, polishing, cleaning, and preserving frozen food.


  • face wash – The astringent properties of Acidic water are effective in toning and firming your skin. Pat the skin and leave to dry. This water is also excellent as a toner after shaving.
  • hair care -Use this water instead of conditioner after shampooing. Reduces annoying tangles and brings out a radiant shine. Keep in a spray bottle and spray your hair and face when you’re out and about.
  • pet care -Spray your pet with this water and brush afterwards to obtain soft and shiny fur.
  • Polishing – Polish mirrors, eyeglasses, glass objects, and windows to a high sheen.
  • Cleaning – Remove dirt from hardwood floors, ceramic tiles etc. without leaving a sticky residue.
  • preserving frozen food – Spray foods with Acidic Water when freezing so that the food, including fish and shrimp, do not lose its flavor when thawed out.

Strong Acidic Water

 pH 2.5

Not for drinking. This water has disinfecting properties. Use Strong Acidic Water to sanitize kitchen utensils, countertops, and more to prevent cross-contamination. Usages: cleaning and disinfecting, hygiene, and commercial operation.


  • cleaning and reducing germs – Clean knives, cutting boards, dish towels, and kitchen cloths etc. Clean in and around the kitchen, which is a breeding ground for germs.
  • hygiene – Clean your hands, your toothbrush or as a mouthwash. Keep a spray bottle in your bathroom for easy access.
  • commercial operation – Beauty salons, hair salons, restaurants, agricultural colleges, daycare centers, pet shops, and nursing homes all benefit greatly from the use of Strong Acidic Water
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The Electrolysis Process

How your tap water becomes Kangen Water®

STEP 1: FILTRATION the internal High Grade Filter filters chlorine, unpleasant taste and odor, and reduces sediments up to 5 micrometers to produce Clean Water.


STEP 2: ELECTROLYSIS through several* electrode plates and membranes, the filtered water is separated into acidic and alkaline parts. Water is splitted into OH- (hydroxid ions) and H+ (hydrogen ions). 


The hydrogen ions react with electrons given by the cathode (– charged electrode), forming H2, molecular Hydrogen. Hydroxid ions remain, making the water more alkaline around the cathode. Conversely, close to the anode (+ charged electrode), hydroxid ions give electrons to the anode, eventually forming O2 (Oxygen). Hydrogen ions remain, making the water more acidic around the anode. The two kinds of water are separated by membranes and released through different hoses.
*number depending on the machine model.

Try Kangen Water®!

When you’re trying to stay hydrated, trust Kangen Water®! There is nothing that supports overall health like good, alkaline water.

Unfortunately, our modern diets have made us dependent on the taste of soda, tea, coffee, or juices. It is vital that you give your body what it really needs to thrive – Healthy Water! Drinking tea or coffee in moderation is of course acceptable, and next time you do, try brewing it with Kangen Water®! Just keep in mind that these drinks are diuretics, so excessive consumption can dehydrate you.

You can be proud knowing that you are giving your body the best by drinking only Kangen Water®.

Change your Water… Change your Life

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