Improvement of the circulatory system, acceleration of blood circulation and lymphatic circulation (treatment of cellulite)

As the blood circulation of the body becomes less effective due to age, lifestyle or due to health problems, cellulite is formed in the waist, abdomen and thighs. Cellulite appears as a result of the weakening of the connective tissue. Fat cells build up between the skin and muscle tissue and cause skin irregularities.

These tissues can be stimulated with lower impulses, increasing blood circulation and stimulating the release of accumulated substances from problem areas.

Special settings of the device successfully treat the symptoms of cellulite. During use, fluid flow in the veins, arteries, lymph is increased, and a steady metabolism helps purify toxins and unwanted substances, as well as purify cells and body fluid. This intensive method is recommended for those clients who are specifically struggling with these issues.

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