20 minutes EMS training

Exercise smarter. Feel better. Live longer.

EMS has long been established and is based on decades of research and development. Impulses are used in various fields of therapy, cosmetics and rehabilitation. Electromuscular stimulation began in 1791 with the experience of Luigi Galvani. It stimulates the muscles of frogs with low frequency current. Much research has begun on its developments.

proven effectiveness worldwide

Electrostimulation is used in astronautics in Russia to train astronauts. Due to the lack of gravity and weightlessness in space, they get dystrophic anomalies. Throughout body-stimulating exercise programs, the side effects of weightlessness can be avoided. Professional athletes are also beginning to use EMS technology in preparation for the Olympics.

In the 1990s, German engineers developed a new generation of EMS equipment, which was used by a wide range of professionals, physical therapists and personal trainers. The development of the scientific method and its testing is carried out with long studies and experiments that prove the effectiveness of the E-fit equipment. They, along with medical and sports results, support its effectiveness, and the technology has been recognized as a therapy by the US Federal Food and Drug Administration.

efficiency 90%
fat burning 97%
focus 85%