This scientific method has been developed and tested over a long period of scientific experience (in some cases through intensive consultation). This unit is now the fifth generation to use EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) technology and is specifically designed to stimulate the entire body. What was once possible with the cost of years of training can now be achieved in a short time thanks to electromuscular stimulation. The benefits are immediately felt when using the device, as almost all large muscle groups become active at the same time, even the hard to reach muscles of the hips and waist. Success can be seen and felt very quickly – the size of fat pads and body weight decreases, at the same time the muscles gradually form, improve endurance, tighten the figure and problem areas. The E-fit equipment contains special training clothes with 10 pairs of electrodes and a device for adjusting the voltage and frequency. The electrodes can be used in physiotherapy and medical treatment, and not just for electro-fitness. Training clothes are made of breathable material and allow freedom of movement. They attach the electrodes to the corresponding muscle group.

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